Personal Training: session 9

I finally did it! I managed to run immediately after my workout with Alison! Huzzah.  I didn't let the TRX induced butt kicking deter me from the miles I needed to run.  Yay!

The run felt good too. Today is the second time out in my new running shoes. I was a little nervous after yesterday's run.  Intervals on the treadmill, and during the walking there was some major arch cramping.  Running? Totally fine.  Walking? Cramp city.  Thankfully today was smooth sailing (running?) without a hint of a cramp.  Huzzah.

See, I have a hard time finding shoes that work well for my feet.  Chances are the shoes are going to give me blisters.  And then blisters on top of the other blisters.  This phenomenon does not remain only in running shoes, but all shoes.  I have many (many, many) pairs of shoes, but most days find me wearing my Danskos or my flip flops.

Finding running shoes was a challenge for me when I started this whole running endeavor.  One pair in particular left my heels so torn and bloody that I not only ruined a pair of socks, but couldn't wear normal shoes for two weeks.  (And that's why I don't wear Nikes.)  On the bright side, I'm an expert when it comes to moleskin, blister Band-Aids, body-glide.

Don't they look tired?
 Then I found them.  My beloved Adidas.  Running in them was a dream.  They were light.  They were flexible.  They had vents at the bottom of the shoe so my feet were never too sweaty.  From the very first time I ran in them to the last I never had a blister.  Not even the tell-tale reddening of irritated skin.  Good job shoes.  Good job.

I ran the crap out of those shoes.  I ran in them for over 2 years.  From the very beginning of this running journey.  Through countless training runs.  Through mud, through snow, and through lots of puddles.  5k's, 8k's, 10k's.  Hood to Coast.  A Half Marathon.  I don't even want to think of how many miles these shoes have logged.  My only complaints with these shoes were that: a) they made my feet look really big and b) they didn't work well on my bike.  (The side kept snagging on the bike frame.)

Serious runners are probably shaming me for running so long in one pair of shoes.  (You're supposed to replace running shoes every 400 miles or so.) I got around to it.  I finally decided it was time for a new pair.

Naturally, I wanted the exact same pair of shoes.  Sadly, I couldn't find them anywhere.  Not that I could tell you what exact model of shoe they are.  I didn't keep the box and never thought to write down the information.  (I guess I never figured this running thing would stick.)  I did look the shoes over pretty closely, and I found something....interesting.  Yeah.  We'll go with interesting.

I was looking at the sizing tag on the shoe and thought to myself "Weird.  I didn't know I wear an 8.5 in UK shoe sizes.  Actually I didn't know that US and UK shoe sizes are the same."  (Hint: they're not.)  They're not even close to the same size.  I had been running for two years in a pair of shoes that are size 10.5.

Internet, I am not a tall woman.  (I'm 5'5".)  I don't have big feet. I wear a size 8 or 8.5 depending on the shoe.  I spent two years contemplating my "big" feet while running in shoes that are 2 sizes too big.  Oi.

 I have new shoes now.  They're PINK.  Very pink.  And they're a size 9.  (You're supposed to buy shoes that are a half to full size bigger when running.  It's for the swelling.  You're welcome for that image.)  They're pretty comfy.  Frankly, they're awesome.  I hope I come to love them as much as I loved my old shoes.  And yes, I promise to replace them once I reach 400ish miles.)

Oh! Are you wondering why I'm spending so much time getting ready for an event that's happening in October?  I don't think I can do it with no training.  However, here's an interesting article about people who, apparently, can.  I resent them a tiny little bit.

Today's Workout

60 sec TRX squats (add jump last 15 seconds)
60 sec TRX cross squat w/ knee raises

20x TRX glutes
20x TRX lunges
10x TRX chest press
10x TRX bicep curl

10x outer thigh machine (25lb)
10x inner thigh machine (25lb)

60 sec plank
30 sec right side plank
30 sec left side plank
60 sec plank

Treadmill (Intervals! Yay!)
5 min w/u
5 min run
2 min walk
4 min run
2 min walk
5 min run
4 min walk
5 min c/d

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