Personal Training: Session 2

This personal training thing is going to work well for me.  I realize that after only two sessions, such a declarative statement might seem a tad premature.  Nonetheless, I think this personal training thing is going to work for me.

Take today for example.  I woke up this morning with a "work hangover." (No, I do not drink at work.)  Nursing can be a physically demanding job, and after three days of twelve hour shifts it can be exhausting.  It's not unusual for me to have achy muscles, throbbing feet and the cheerfulness and attention span of a gnat.  This is how I felt this morning, but with the unwelcome addition of early cold symptoms.  Sore throat, stuffy nose and pounding head.  I had just snuggled back into the blankets for an extended sleep-in when my phone rang.  It was my trainer asking if we could change the time of today's session, and if I could meet her in an hour.

I could and I did. 

I didn't make any excuses, and I didn't listen to that internal voice that was telling me "this is too hard. You have a cold. You are tired. Why don't we stop and go home and eat cookies and watch TV?" Yay! This personal training thing is going to work for me.

We did a more extensive workout today, and I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow.  Circuit training with free weights, kettle bells, balance balls, and mat work.  I also was introduced to TRX.  It's crazy.  I couldn't stop thinking about how awful it would be if the beam crashed over on me.  It didn't and won't thanks to the whole "bolted into the floor" thing.  But who can stop irrational fears?  (Let's talk about knitting needles sometime.)

During the course of my workout I managed to learn some things about my self as well. Nothing terribly introspective, but here they are anyway:

  • I find it more difficult to do a lunge when my left foot is ahead of me than my right. 
  • I have terrible balance--especially if I'm talking.  I actually muttered to myself "stop talking, focus on what you're doing." to keep from falling off the step.
  • Sometimes the things I mean to say in my head spontaneously burst from my lips. (See above.)
  • I sweat a lot.  This is not new, I realize but it seems I sweat more than other women who are doing similar activities.  But not as much as the men. 
  • The guilt/shame in telling my trainer that I had not worked out as planned over the weekend made me stutter and my face turn red.  Awful. 
  • I find the phrase "my trainer" borderline insufferable.  I will henceforth refer to her as Alison.  
  • I do, in fact, have a cold.

So, I meet with Allison again on Friday.  I work on Wednesday and Thursday.  I cannot handle telling her that I slacked off again.  (Besides, part of training for a marathon is indeed running.) Since I can so easily talk myself out of gym time after a 12 hour shift, I guess I'll have to go before.

This requires waking up an hour ealier.


Stupid goals. Stupid, stupid goals.

Today's Workout:
Squats with 12lb free weights x10
lunge/bicep curls w/ 8lb free weights x10 each side
oblique step ups w/ medicine ball x10 each side
jackknife balance ball crunces x10 each side

10 balance ball crunches straight up
5 cross balance ball crunches each side

30 seconds flutter kick
30 second bridge
10x bridge kick (10 each leg)
30 second plank 

10x kettle bell pull
10x kettlebell bicep/tricep

30 sec TRX rows
60 sec TRX squats

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