Back from the East Coast. Away I went again.  I'm steadily touring my way through the major cities in America, cheaply, staying with friends and seeing the sights.  I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  This last trip was a whirlwind visit to both Boston and New York City.  Erin in Boston. Tom in NYC. It was great to see them both.  Pictures can be found on my photos page, which I'm pretty sure is accessible via the sidebar.  Those pictures, right there, where you just looked.

Let's talk for a moment about cupcakes. I like cupcakes, I do. But I don't understand the
 craze.  And yet, unwittingly, I managed to eat a cupcake from the place that started the cupcake crazy. Magnolia Bakery in NYC.  As you can see from the picture right here, they're lovely. And they were tasty. But I still don't understand why everyone is so nutso about cupcakes.  I don't.

I must still be jetlagged because I have nothing else to say. Sorry.