Personal Training: Day 4

I hate to be late.  I really really hate to be late.

So, when I checked my e-mail this morning (at 9:04) and realized my appointment was at 9:00 and not 9:30...I was a little upset.  More than a little upset actually.  Luckily the traffic and parking gods were benevolent and I made it to the gym a mere 17 minutes late. 

Luckily short workouts can be just as effective as long ones.  Especially since you have no time lollygag.

I am always foolishly optimistic when I meet Allison.  Each session I bring my iPod and running shoes in the vain hope that I'll run right upstairs to the treadmill.  It just hasn't happened.  I'm usually too "worked out" to even consider running. 

It all works out though, because if I had jumped on the treadmill then there would have been no run in the rain this afternoon.  And that run rocked.  Felt awesome. Yay! Yay! Yay!

Today's Workout:

12x lunge walk w/ 20lb wt
12x squat w/ 8lb wt each hand
12x fly w/ 8lb wt
12x row w/ 8lb wt
12x triceps w/ 8lb wt
30 sec  plank
15 pushups
12x lunge walk w/ 20lb wt

2x12 reverse crunches
2x12 dips

Run in the park!

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