Stuck to you.

I love Sundays. Wait...rather I love Sundays when I don't have to work. They're wonderful. Especially when Sunday includes brunch with fun friends. (I suppose brunch with notfun friends is okay too.)

Here are some some random quotes from brunch this morning:

A: You mean things like vodoo or sex?

S: Exactly, vodoo sex.

A: Does that involve cutting the heads off chickens?

S: Exactly, and then pouring the blood all over your body.

B: Eeew, that sounds dirty. And bacteria-ey.

S: Hey don't knock it till you've tried it.

B: Oh I have...that's how I know about the bacteria.


A: Did you just say Bond has a dildo?


B: If you get lonely you can borrow two terrible dogs. They're great with new people.

A: Nude people?

B: No *new * people.

A: Okay, I was wondering how dogs would even know to prefer nude people.

B: Well my house is crazy.


A: And then the dragon blocked him from getting off the bus.

C: What?

A: Oh, I'm just making things up, like "S" style.


I love my friends.

Oh, and it is not love that makes a non-stick frying pan.