Reasons why calling me an "adult" is laughable:

1. The state of my bedroom floor.
1a. No, that isn't a new rug. Just clothes.
1b. Yes, clean and dirty. Mixed together. On the floor. (Fancy!)
1c. Oh! And some towels, from the clean kitchen and bathroom? Just throw them there...on the floor!

2. My inability to stay focused on ANYTHING for longer than 10 minutes.
2a. I have to set a timer to remind myself to go check my laundry.
2b. The cycle lasts only 30 minutes. But I cannot manage this without the timer. Oi.

3. The fact that I still justify "treats" for myself when managing my behavior at the grocery store.
3a. Fact. I was a Trader Joe's and bought myself one of these, because I'd done such a good job with healthy shopping.
3b. Yes I realize how silly the purchase is. I haven't eaten it.
3c. Yet.

4. My absurd love of the color pink, and the fact that i am compelled to purchase items just because they are pink.

5. The fact that I bought two 8 packs of mini croissants for work tomorrow, thought "12 will be perfect!" and then was surprised when I had 16 to arrange on a baking tray.
5a. The scary thing about this is the fact that I have to do math at work. Frequently.
5b. And sometimes that math means important things, you know, involving keeping people alive.

6. The fact that only 15 made it on to the baking tray because I dropped one on the floor.
6a. The fact that i picked it up, and put it back on the tray.
6b. And then took it right back off.
6c. And then put it on, and then off.
6d. And then put it in the toaster oven on "defrost" just to see what would happen.

7. The fact that it smelled like burning in my kitchen and I couldn't figure out why.

They should really take my adult license away.