PT: Session 13

I'm still sick.  It's been a week and a half of this stupid cold.  This is really starting to put a strain on my training.  Meaning, I haven't been training.  I've been "resting."

I spent all of last week "resting.'  That's what you're supposed to do when you have a cold, right? Rest. Drink fluids.  Rest.  Take zinc. Take aspirin. Don't take antibiotics.  So I did rest.  Called in sick to work.  Didn't work out at all. Missed all of my training sessions with Alison. Didn't run once.

And yet I woke up on Saturday morning still feeling sick.  I decided I was done resting and went to the gym.  Ditto on Sunday, and went for a lovely run on the waterfront with Jill.  Monday I sniffled and coughed my way through yoga.  On Tuesday I went to work, and then started to feel lousy.  This morning I woke up and met with Alison again.  I told her my new approach to this cold is to treat it the way I treat all minor annoyances in my life.  I'll simply ignore it until it goes away.

That attitude lasted until I got home today.  I sat down to enjoy an episode of Friends while drinking my post-workout and promptly fell asleep.  Woke up and hour and a half later.  Yikes.  Had to take a nap this afternoon too.  I'm exhausted.  And still sick.  This is lame.

I've been reading a couple marathon training books, trying to get an idea of how to focus my training plan.  I'm not doing much other than psych my self out.  I need to stop overthinking this.  I just need to focus on the running. Because the running is really starting to feel great.  When Jill and I were running along the waterfront on Sunday, it was sublime. I really love runs that feel like that.  Yay. Looking forward to many more.

Today's Workout
400 meters rowing machine
60 sec TRX lunge and kick
10x TRX row
10x TRX bicep curls
10x TRX row
60 sec fast TRX squats
500 meters rowing machine

8x walk-out pushups
15x med ball twists
30 sec wall sits
60 sec plank

10x shoulder press (20 lbs)
30 sec pulse lunges (20 lbs)
10x tricep extensions

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