Personal Training: Session 11

Running has been rough lately, can't seem to get much motivation to go much farther than a mile.  Gotta get going though.  Official training program for the Foot Traffic Flat starts in a week.  Can't run a half marathon very well if I'm only running a mile a day.

Yesterday's Workout

25 minutes elliptical

60 sec kettle bell swings
10x kettle bell curl and press (10 each arm)
10x triceps w/ 15lb hand weight
10x lunge w/ curl and press 8lb wts each hand (second set double lunge)
30 sec medicine ball plank

10x wood chop w/ 8lb med ball (each side)
10x  side lunge w/ knee raise (15lb hand weight)
30 second side plank
10x leg raises

10x back extensions
10x back extensions to side

12x walking lunges

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