PT: Session 14

I've been having trouble with motivation this past week.  Maybe it's the residual cold symptoms (ugh, still!) or the lazy routine that I've fallen into with all the "resting." Still, it's been hard to get up off the couch. Deciding to watch "How I Met Your Mother" wasn't a great idea either, it just makes it even harder to get up off the couch.


Chris and I are running a 5K on Sunday.  Truth be told, I'm a little nervous about it.  I know.  It's 3 miles. I know I can run 3 miles.  However, I have this little voice that tells me that my endurance isn't where it should be.  Plus, I'm running with Chris.  He's tall.  He's got legs that go up to my waist.  I take two and a half steps for every one step he takes.  I've run with him before, and he's literally run circles around me.  This does not usually sit well with me, as I'm slightly competitive.  Oh well, this will be good motivation to keep going during the race.

All of the books and articles I've read about distance running and training say that it's important to have a running group or a running buddy.  I always scoffed at the idea, preferring to go out and run with just my iPod.   I'm warming to the idea, because I like running with Jill and Chris...but there's still something about running with just my music.  Love it.

Today Jill and I did the Laurelhurst loop.  Except we did it backward, thinking that it would be easier to start with the big hill instead of finishing with it.  I totally forgot, when explaining about the big hill, that the route is totally geared to be mostly downhill for the last half.  Reversing the route meant that the first half was uphill, first with a really steep up hill section and then a gradual climb over a mile.  Oi. Oi vey.  It was not easy.  Oh well.  Immediately after the run I had to get to the gym to meet with Allison, where we started out the training session with jumping lunges.  Ha. Have you tried those?  They're not easy.  Add in the push up/rows and you have a very hard training session indeed.

Today's Workout

3.04 mile run through Laurelhurst Park

30 seconds jumping lunges

15x bosu ball toe taps
15x bosu ball squat and curls
15x bosu ball tricep extensions. 
60 second bosu ball planks
10x old faithfulls (each side)

10x push-up and rows
downward dog stretches
glutes (10 straight, 10 front, 10 back)
15x leg extensions
15x fire hydrants
10x leg curls w/ 15 lb wts

8x side plank pulses (each side)

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