It's been snowing in Portland.  The snow started on Sunday, while I was at work, and though I was an anxious wreck because of the possibility of being snowed in, I couldn't help but marvel about how beautiful snow truly is.  It blanketed the city with a lovely layer of sparkling white and everything got very quiet and peaceful.  

However, Portland does not handle snow well at all.  The city is essentially in a panic.  No, scratch that, the news media are doing their very best to send the city into a widespread panic.  They're calling this little snowstorm an "Arctic Blast" and advising people to not only stock up on all the essentials, get chains for their cars, and school has been cancelled all week.  Internet, there is not even an inch of snow on the ground, and it's mostly on the grass.  The streets are bare and it's not a problem getting anywhere.  Well, except for out of my apartment complex.  The managers seem to have taken the disaster mode to heart and instead of plowing the driveway and clearing the sidewalks, they are simply closing the driveway out and letting us handle the sidewalks ourselves.  This irritates me. Massively.  The snow/ice on the driveway has melted into a slush which is now so thick that my car cannot make it out.  I'm essentially stuck here unless I want to take the bus everywhere.  Gah!  Snow is not the end of the freaking world!!!!!

Okay. Rant over.  Here is a picture of snow from the University of Idaho campus.  Oh Moscow, how I love you and your ability to handle inclement weather.

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your big sis said...

Nobody here knows how to handle rain, let alone snow. Last week it rained for two days and three of our staffers were late both days becuase of un-explained traffic stupidity! It was amazing. When it snows it's like the end of the world. I miss Moscow and people who know the white stuff isn't something to be scared of, but beautiful and fun! Hope you enjoy a white x-mas!!