first time for everything

Let's talk about hugging.  Yesterday, a remarkable thing happened.  My roommate, K, and I have been BFFs for close to 14 years, and yesterday was the first time we hugged. 

I know.

I feel I must preface this with the fact that neither of us are particularly touchy people.  In fact, our other roommate, A, frequently tells us that we need to open up with our body language.  Whatever.  I have seen K hug other people, and I certainly hug other people.  But never each other.  Never. Never. Not even when we graduated from high school, had our first heartbreaks (at the same time, mind you...sorry Dave), graduated from college, moved in as roommates.  Never. Sure there are scattered pictures through the years of us with our arms around each other, but that doesn't count as a real hug.  Especially since we tend to make ridiculous faces when the camera is pointed at us.  

I don't even know why we hugged yesterday.  I think maybe this was another step in the ever escalating game of trying to make each other profoundly uncomfortable.  Never played this game? You should try, it's tons of fun.  Especially in public.  Anyway, there we were, hugging, and it dawned on us that it was the very first time.  How sweet.  

It's not that I don't enjoy hugging.  I do.  I love it.  One of my ex-boyfriends gave the best hugs in the entire world.  They were lovely.  My grandpas were also excellent huggers.  I like to hug people.  Well unless you're a stranger, or K.

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