catching up

I'm a people watcher.  I can guarantee that if we ever go to a public place together I will, at some point, lose track of our conversation because the happenings of other people will distract me.  I can't help it.  People are so strange.  So strange. 

Take, for example, the woman who was on the treadmill next to me this morning.  She was playing Draw Something.  While "running." (I maintain that you cannot run and operate a smartphone well enough to draw.  I can barely manage to skip songs when I'm running.  But then, maybe I'm just a sloppy runner.)  Then she answered a text message.  But when her phone rang? Nope, she curtly told the caller (yes, she answered the phone) that she was at the gym and 'couldn't talk.'  I felt like grabbing the phone and telling the caller just to text her instead.  But maybe she isn't that strange at all, maybe I don't understand the constant need to be plugged into my smartphone.  Actually I don't understand the draw of the smartphone because I don't have one.  I have a horrible phone made for tweens, but it was free and I am cheap and don't want to pay for a data plan. 

As I was waiting for Alison to finish the usual computer part of our meeting, I took full advantage of the time to spy on the other people who were working out in the training area.  This one guy caught my eye.  He was kneeling in front of a plyo box (the tallest one) on top of which he had placed a bosu ball.  He then sprang to his feet and then jumped ontop of the bosu ball.  (My internet research tells me this is called a bosu box jump.)  Next thing I knew, he was back in the kneeling position.  And then he did it again.  Wow! Talk about impressive.  Turns out, he's one of the trainers at the gym and often does crazy workouts that include things like super high bosu ball jumps.

Running.  I went for a run on Saturday afternoon, after work.  4:30 in the afternoon is not a great time to run when it's 88degrees and 80% humidity in Portland.  I made it, um, 2ish miles before I felt like I had just finished a 90 minute session of yoga. 

Running has been going well lately.  Still trying to recoup from that massive break I took.  I've also noted some increased tightness in my calves.  I'll get about 3/4 a mile into a run and have to stop and stretch my calves, but then I'll be fine the rest of the way.  Guess more stretching is in order.  And yoga.  I need to start back up with the yoga again. 

Today's Workout

30 minutes treadmill

up-down-up 2 flights stairs w/ 2x15lb wts
12x squats w/ high knees (second set w/ curls)
2 min spinning bike
2x12x twist and throw w/ 15lb plate

10x ab coaster
8x side ab coaster (each side)
45 sec plank

2x15x lat rows (28 lbs)
2x10 assisted dips
10x old faithfuls (each side)

Last Friday's Workout

10x reverse bench press
6x bench press
12x leg lifts
12x bicycle leg lifts
12x incline push-ups
10x glute leg raises w/ 10 pulses

10x twisty crunches w/  8lb med ball
10x rows (20lbs)
12x hammer curls (15lbs)

12x leg curls
12x leg extensions
12x reaching plank

walking lunges w/ 8lb medicine ball

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