smiling's my favorite!

I should be studying for the GRE. And I'm doing my very best, I really am.  However, the sun has once again chosen to shine over Portland, and it's doing its very best to distract me.  And so is my iPod, it keeps choosing to play songs that make me stare at the window for long periods of time, smiling over nothing in particular instead of memorizing word groups.  Silly inanimate objects. 

I'm in a good mood today.

What is making me smile?

This song always makes me smile. Always. I love the upbeat tempo. I love that it makes me think of Ann and Erik dancing at their wedding, I love that it makes me think of driving around Portland on a sunny afternoon, and I love that it makes me think of Laurelhurst Park.

Laurelhurst Park makes me smile.

The view from my work makes me smile.

Life makes me smile today.

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