I spent the day at the beach! Yay! It was sunny, it was warm, and it was perfect. Take that rainy Portland January.

I love living in Portland, I really do.  The city is beautiful, friendly and super accessible. I love the neighborhoods. I love Portland.  However, the weather gets to me sometimes. Bleah. The rain. Gah. Rain. So depressing. 

The upside of all the rain is an appreciation of the sun, I guess. (I'm attempting stop being so negative all of the time.) It's true, I do appreciate the sun more than I did before living here.  Every day that sun shines here it totally makes my day.

Today, however, was amazing. It was a sunny sunny day, there were no clouds in the sky and the ocean was so gorgeous. We went to Manzanita, which is my favorite little town on the coast, and had a lovely day there.  My desire for a puppy has increased tenfold, though. It seemed like everyone on the beach had one.  

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