I'm having one of those days. One of those days where I'm all anxious about moving, all anxious about life, all anxious about everything. So I'm remarkably spacey. What have I done today? Why don't I list it for you:

1. dropped my iPod off the treadmill while i was running

2. fallen off the treadmill while attempting to pick my iPod up off the floor

3. managed to lock my keys into the mailbox

4. spilled an entire mug of coffee all over the white slipcover on the couch

5. stubbed my toe on the spout in the bathtub

6. flashed the kids outside while changing after my shower

7. flashed the maintenance man while changing after my shower

And it's only 2:30. But the day will get better. Oh yes it will.

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D-pain said...

Sounds like you had Gremlins hanging around.