SIx thought Monday

I have six short thoughts I thought about writing about today, but couldn't develop anything longer than a sentence.  Let's just get to it:

1. There was a little girl in Zupan's today who was wearing her tap shoes.  Every step she took was an obvious attempt to make as many taps as possible.  She was loving it.  It totally made my day.

2. I was at Zupan's to pick up some last minute items for dinner.  One was a can of black beans, and heavens am I glad I decided to check the labels before I bought the eye level can.  It was shocking how much sodium was in the can.  400 mg.  WOW.

3. I've been doing weight watchers, and it's frustrating.  Mostly because I haven't broken the bad habits that I created this year.  Boo.  Oh well. Hopefully it'll be equally hard to break the new habits that I'm forming.

4. I'm determined to start Spinning classes.  I think it will be a good addition to my cardio regimen.  I'm a little nervous though, as my favorite part of bike riding is the coasting.  There's no coasting in Spinning. 

5. I totally knocked it out of the park in my run today.  I maintained 10:00/mile pace.  It was only 2.5 miles, but still.  I'm stoked. YAY!!

6. I have some seriously tight calves and achilles tendons.  I need advice on how to stretch them out.  And I also need the follow through to actually do the stretches.  Kay, thanks!!

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