So I have a new trainer.  Not because anything happened to make me decide to switch from Alison, but because she found full time work elsewhere.  So, yay for her.  And yay for a new trainer, Lexi.  She's pretty awesome so far.

I met the Personal Training "manager" as well.  Well, I guess re-met since I originally met him when I signed up for training last spring.  I just don't remember him being so...intense.  He was trying to get me signed up for two free sessions (yay! free stuff!) and while working the computer he totally gave me the third degree:

"Do you know why we're here?  Do you know what we do?"

I was a little take aback, and frankly a little offended as he kept pressing me to answer questions.  I don't know if he meant to make it sound like he thought I was wasting their time, but that's the definite impression he gave.  Maybe I'm a little oversensitive, but I don't think he knows me nearly well enough to know if I'm taking my fitness goals seriously or not.  I'm such a crybaby these days....


So the Portland Marathon was last Sunday.  It was a gorgeous and glorious day here in Portland.  Sunny but not hot.  Crisp but not cold.  And not a single cloud in the sky.  Perfection.

I knew several people who ran in the marathon and the half, so I spent the day shuttling their stuff around and cheering for them at the finish line:

It's not over till the fat lady sings.  And oh did she sing, the same 30 sec loop...for 3 hours.
I could have stayed at home and felt sorry for myself, but my mom was in town and she needed moral support.  (And someone to get her to the start of the race safely.)  She knocked the half out of the park, 2:07:06!  That's what, 9:42/mile?  Awesome!
Chocolate milk is the BEST recovery food.
10/8 workout
10 x atlas lunges (each side)
10 x windmills w/ kettlebells (each side)
10 x  kettlebell swings

60 sec TRX rows
60 sec TRX push-ups
60 sec plank

10/10 workout
10 x glute press (each side, 20lbs + bar)
10 x "pillow fluffers" (12lb medicine ball)

10 x one legged kettlebell dead lift (each leg)
10 x shoulder press w/ staggered legs (each leg, 50lbs)
10 x ecentric crunches (each side)

10 x rows (75 lbs)
12 x hip raises on exercise ball w/ bar

LINK TIME!: How to Motivate Yourself

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