I have a confession to make.  A shameful shameful confession. 

*deep breath*

I purposefully went to the gym to run on the treadmill today instead of running outside so I could catch up with the Kardashians.


I tell myself I'm running at the gym so I can use the treadmill as a training tool, to push myself to hold a specific pace.  But the next thing you know I'm walking and staring blankly at the screen as the Kardashian clan fill their days with...well I'm still not too sure how they fill their days.

So I told my self I could watch this mind numbing television, as long as I ran while the show was on.  As fast as I could.  I could my pace during commercials, but once the show was back on the speed went up.  I forgot, you see, about how reality television is structured to have a nice LONG segment right at the start of a show to suck you in.  And so, 10 minutes in to my sprint I stopped caring about whether Rob was going to buy his $1million house, and whether Khloe was going to let him live with her again.  I just wanted a commercial. And the more I wanted a commercial the sillier the TV show became. 

I think I may have found the cure of my reality TV problem.

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