A Partial List Of Things That The World Seems To Love And Yet Towards Which I Remain Curiously Unimpressed

* Beer

* Twitter

* Engagement Photos

* Wedding Videographers

* Proactiv

* BareMinerals Makeup

* Gladiator Sandals

* Crocs

* Horror Films

* The Davinci Code

* Nascar

* Professional Hockey

* Miley Cyrus

* Skinny Jeans

* Jodi Picoult

* Cruises

* Manicures

* American Idol

* Diamonds

* Long/Painted Fingernails

* Tanning Beds / Use of Self Tanner

* Coach Bags

* Buffets

Hmm, I'm sure there are more. 

What about you?


Carla said...

you forgot text abbrivieations and owning little dogs.

at lesat i'm only into half of those things ;)

shonetelle said...

horror films!!! yes

D-pain said...

Reconfigured 1980's media.

Michael Bay.

Multiple layers of polo shirts with popped collars.

Long boarding.


Small dogs.

Texting with L337 speak or internet shorthand.


Profanity used as punctuation in casual conversations.

Zebra stripped anything.

The Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini. (A.K.A. - Eragon)