I have a problem. A self control problem. I seem unable to exhibit any sort of self control when it comes to book buying. It’s like I go into a book store and I lose any sense of control or common sense. I may already have two copies of Pride and Prejudice at home, but this particular version has a different cover and is only $4! (And that, friends, is why I have SEVEN copies of that book. Ridiculous.)

This lack of self control combined with a love of Powell’s Books has led to a problem. Don’t believe me? This is what it looks like underneath my bed:
Please ignore the dust bunnies. I do not clean my house in a way that would make my mother proud (am gross.)

For my birthday my parents were kind enough to give me a gift card to Ikea (IKEA!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IKEA!!!) so I could purchase myself some new bookshelves. You would not believe the amount of stress this has caused me.

You see, though I have an impulse spending problem when it comes to books and dvds and cds (and essentially any worthless thing Target may have to offer), when it comes to “big-ticket” items such as a bed, or a car, or bookshelves I get a VERY specific idea of what I want in mind. And nothing EVER fits what I want. It’s very annoying for the people I force into shopping with me. (Here is a warning to you all, I am a difficult person, deal with it.) The last time I purchased bookshelves (less than a year ago…if that’s any indication that I need to stop buying books I don’t know what is) I spent MONTHS searching for the right bookshelves. I found them:

Unfortunately I live in an apartment and don’t have the space to create my own reading library. These are what I ended up with:

They’re not bad. They hold a decent amount of books. But given what my underbed space, (and my nightstand) look like, I really need new bookshelves. God give the person who goes to Ikea with me patience…

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Carla said...

hahaha!! I'll go to ikea with you! I'm pretty sure I can handle the difficultness ;)