Today is my 26th birthday.
I went to the coast, again, on Monday.  The above picture is my attempt to show just how gosh darn excited I was to be there.  I think my excitement was captured pretty well.

So, birthdays.  Am I the only one who finds having a birthday slightly stressful?  There is all this pressure from other people who ask you incessantly just what you want for your birthday, how you want to celebrate, if you want a party. I don't handle this well.  Honestly I don't want a huge fuss made, thank you.  All I really want to do is have dinner with my parents.  This might make me a lame 26 year old, but there it is.

Here's a song I love! I've been humming it for about a week now. And it's as old as I am! Yay!  Oh, Billy Joel how I love your music.

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