First time

Well, a blog. I've been reading blogs for years now. The combination of living alone, wireless internet and a trusty iBook proved to be tempting while slogging my way through nursing school. Late nights that were spent awake in panic and anxiety were often used to read random blogs. And so I'd thought I'd try this out.
I suppose I could talk about me. I'm a recent college grad. Just got my BSN (Bachelor's of Science in Nursing), and passed my "boards." I've also moved from a small town of 20,000 to a much larger city. It's a weird transition, moving from an idyllic university town that I knew like the back of my hand to a city where no one knows my name. Well other than my three roommates and their wretched cat. But all in all change is generally good. Right?
I start a new job on Monday, but for the weekend I'm headed back home for the wedding of an old friend. Should be all fun and games. I guess.
I'm just ready to do something again. And maybe I'll find inspiration for something worthwhile to write about.

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